Saturday, August 25, 2007

Turning 32

Turning 30 compelled me to stock up on anti-aging retinol night cremes. Two years later, turning 32 has primarily been an occasion for appreciating the awesomeness of many people in my life. With a visit from beloved friends and super-cool presents, it was easy to forget about wrinkles and back-aches.
The wine probably helped as well.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Hasselblad

My mother initially thought "Hasselblad" was the name of the beer garden where this photo was taken. 'Hasselblad' is actually the type of camera used to take these photos--a 1950s Sweedish camera lent to me by one of my landlords. Its awesome. ...the deep focus in these pictures...and the rich colors.... aaah.

I love both the first picture (of Chris & my father) and this picture of my mother. Below, Grandma Cortes and Anissa, from their visit up to Providence a few weeks ago.

Giving In

I've finally decided to give in and set up a blog. Since I read so many other blogs (personal, designblogs, scrapbooking blogs, your mom's blog...), what the hell.

Let the navel-gazing begin!