Wednesday, September 29, 2010



Our friends have a new kitten named Roshi. So so sweet. He falls asleep in your hands, on your chest, draped over your foot...everywhere. So tired from growing.

Discovery of this thing people call "Love of Beach"

I am not a beach person. Going to the beach means putting on a swim suit (I'd rather not), staying too long (I've been ready to leave for an hour), and always suffering from a sunburn (SPF 60 is like baby oil on my skin).

Below are phone pics of my best trips to the beach--four trips taken in the course of 18 days this summer. If I had the time, I'd be an addict. Of the beach.

Trip #1. In August, I quit my job. Bells ring. Hallelujah. Chris and I do a lot of celebrating with each other and with friends. My mental and physical health improve instantly. We crack the recipe for the grapefruit house cosmo from a local bar and summer begins. In late August.
On my last day at work, a coworker recommends a local beach to me and the next day, Thursday morning, we get up early and drive over to Horseneck Beach in Massachusetts. Only 35 minutes away. I tear up from the peacefulness of it all. We leave a few hours later. No overheating. No sunburn.
Trip #2: The next morning, I awaken to sound of seagulls calling me back. We head out again, early, back to Horseneck. Another perfect day ensues. Too bad I have to start a new job next week. Who created this thing called work, anyway?
Trip #3: I'm officially a working woman again, with a lot less drama in my days. Fully elated from the previous week, we go crazy and head to the beach on a holiday weekend. Chris actually says, "This isn't really crowded, compared to New York beaches." Are you kidding? I'm surprised I didn't have to breathe into a paper bag. Weirdly, these crowds of people are strangely quiet and considerate. No one plays loud music. Parents shush their kids. Oh New England. So uptight and so pleasant at the same time. Did you know I needed this day? Bless you.
Yes, they bring strollers to the beach. And I never heard a peep from the little one.
Trip #4: Did you know Rhode Island has more beaches per square inch or per capita or something like that, than any other state? Not sure what to do about Hawaii. On another recommendation, we head south for a mid-day jaunt at East Matunuck Beach, in Rhode Island. A 30 minute drive. just in a different direction. Loser Hurricane Earl doesn't make a dent. Our friends Elizabeth, Taylor and Aly join us. Another day with only the sound of hungry seagulls and steady waves.
E & T
(Photo is from an app on my Droid -- Retro Camera.)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Garden on the Deck: August Harvest

A few loose photos of our August garden harvest. Basil, peppers, and our last lemon cuke:
The last lemon cuke. Roasted for our Lemon Cuke & Goat Cheese Pizza.
I've frozen two batches of pesto this year and there are two others in the fridge. (Omit the parmesean when freezing...I think this make it last longer).
Odd-looking long hot peppers. I've neglected finding a good use for hot peppers for two years now. Chris usually chops them up and puts them on sandwiches, but I can't take that kind of direct heat (especially at work). What I've been meaning to do is to track down a few good pepper-infused oil recipes and find one that works well. Maybe today.

The last of our lemon cukes (sliced, above). These sweet veggies were delicious. And I guess we ended up with 4 total from the vine. I just wish the plant had grown more!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Pretty Bird: Jenny Lewis, Elvis Costello

Off to see Jenny Lewis & her partner in concert tonight. I hope she sings this:

9-18-10 Great concert. The two of them Jenny & Johnny sounded great. And our tickets were under $20!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Florence and the Machine - Cosmic Love

Recipe Rusday: New Potatoes & Eggs

New potatoes, pan cooked with herbs, 8/6/10.
Beautiful, fresh farm-grown potatoes from our CSA. Purple, red, yellow, yes. Inspired by something I saw on the cooking channel: thinly sliced, pan cooked with butter, salt, pepper, and dried herbs from the garden.

New Potatoes with Eggs & Kale, 7/6/10.

Another batch of new potatoes: roasted, alongside scrambled eggs with kale, garlic, and onions.

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