Thursday, September 24, 2009

Weekend with Mom (and Dad) in Nashville

Nashville is not a place where I could ever live, but visiting is workable. A few weekends back, my mom & I spent the weekend catching up and being crafty in Nashville. It's incredible to think that I hand-crafted a bazillion holiday cards last year--this trip was a reminder me of how much I miss being crafty. The weekend escape was a joy and mom gets all the credit for shipping me and my glue dots down to Opryland. I had a great time AND dad dropped in for the last day. So good to see them both. He's such a goof. If you missed his debut on CNN, where my dad gives advice to stock club members....go here. And what is this next picture, you ask? Did you detour to a jungle? No, this is the inside of the convention center in Nashville. And yes, the hotel looked like a giant terrarium, with a splash of Disney on the side. My garden...not looking as vibrant as this great shrubbery.
Nashville, 9/13/09.