Monday, October 5, 2009

8 Years and Counting...

Victoria's in Boston, taken 10/4/09.

After many years of debate, Chris and I settled on October 3rd as an 'anniversary' date for us to celebrate. Chris and I were friends before we were dating and neither of us have much interest in formalities... While there was never a specific day when we 'started dating,' last year we pinned down October 3rd as an important day in our history.
Figs, taken 10/3/09.
It was only this past Friday that we actually added up the years and realized we're celebrating our 8th anniversary. And since an anniversary is a great excuse to leave town or unplug the phone, I'm very much on-board. This year, Chris and I headed to Boston to celebrate and spent the weekend in Beacon Hill and the South End. I could walk those streets for hours. My HHonors Amex covered the hotel (free!).
Figs 10/3/09.
Victoria's 10/4/09.
The whole weekend made me feel very fortunate--to be spending my life with Chris. Here's to the unexpected and to many more years of happiness.