Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Are we now art collectors?

A few months ago, my friend Anne told me about the art culture in Omaha, and how collectors (which neither of us are) see their purchases as both financial investments and aesthetic investments that impact the day-to-day (because they only buy artwork they enjoy).

We purchased our first piece of artwork from my co-worker a few months back (gorgeous!) and we were lucky enough to take home our second this past weekend. Given our jobs (especially my working in the non-profit sector) and aspirations, we'll never be rolling in dough; but how great is it that we have stumbled on two opportunities to bring interesting and affordable artwork into our home. This awesome art door will be up on our wall as soon as we get the rigging. So glad we could support a talented teen artist (we have two of her screen-printed shirts) at a fundraiser for teen artists that happens to be my previous place of employment.

They're doing impactful work that empowers teens who unfairly carry burdens that most of us will never know. I feel fortunate that we can support an organization that gave me so much during my time there.