Saturday, February 26, 2011

Catching up ...January 2010

The closing on our new home is scheduled for Monday morning, and I can't seem to find any loose ends that need tying up.  This nervous butt needs to get out of the house.

In the meantime, I thought I'd post a few photos.  Since my late camera's demise, I still try to snap photos here and there, but care less about how they come out.  The camera breaking at a time when we're pinching pennies may have been a good thing.  These pics of January are perfect just as they are.

1/1/11 - For the New Year, we started off in Florida with my parents.
1/1/11 - New Years Eve.  Yes, my parents can party.
 And if you have too much fun, you may accidentally break your glow necklace.  If it explodes all over your parents' new car, do not fret.  (Your parents are pretty cool). Plus, you will find out the next day that glow juice loses its glow and will disappear.
1/12/11 - We came home to Providence to find snow and then more snow.
 Snow snow snow.
 1/15/11 - Mid-January we visited with Chris' parents and grandma, and had another Christmas!  Such a great time, including a trip to a little market in Brooklyn.
1/21/11 - Then, of course, more snow.
 1/29/11 - At the end of January we fell in love with a house.  
Thus ends this brief overview of the tale that is January of 2011.
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