Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sept-October 2012: Garden Wrap-up

Spicy in September
The garden in Fall (9/21/12).

Tomatillo plant took off in the fall - small fruits, but it gave us a few roasted salsa verdes for late nights on the deck.

Small crop of sweet red onions - all about 1/3 of the size I was hoping for. I've never figured out how to grow onions.  Maybe next year.
A volunteer tomato plant that appeared out of nowhere, surely started from the small tomatoes that we tossed to the chickens early in spring or the previous year. I just had no idea that our most prolific tomato plant would have been accidental, and not planted by hand.  These surprises keep me coming back for more.

10/28/12 - Late season unripe, green tomatoes.  We used these for pickling. (There are lots of ways to pickle veggies, from green tomatoes, to cukes, to zucchini pickles).

Coach, September.

Spicy munching on clover in the recycling bin (repurposed into a planter).

Morning glory seed pods - a saved about 50 for next year.

Butternut squash, grown up a net on the garage.

Late October garden, almost ready for bed.

Prep for Hurricane Sandy, Oct. 28, 2012, to make sure the chicken coop didn't blow away.  No damage for us, and only a very short time without power.