Saturday, January 2, 2010

All around the mulberry bush...Holiday Pics

Latest addition to the tree...snork?
For the past decade, we've added (and friends have contributed) handmade ornaments to the tree each year. The tradition began in the Bronx, with clay shapes (in '01 or '02), and have since included photos/construction paper ornaments ('03), plastic beads ironed together ('04), Styrofoam snow people (& sumo wrestlers) ('05), and holiday warm fuzzy creatures ('06). Then we moved to Providence and new additions included glass balls ('07) and sparkly cinnamon birds ('08). This year, we were traveling and decided to skip having a holiday party...meaning I didn't have a chance to force a craft on everyone. Handmade additions were contributed, nonetheless! Above is an ornament made by my friend Elizabeth...something along the lines of a festive mushroom snork. I love it.

It was the year of many Christmases. We gathered and celebrated at Chris' parents' place, at gma's, at my aunt's, and in upstate NY (near Poughkeepsie) with the Chus. It really was a lovely Christmas, full of warmth and taking it easy with family and friends.
This holiday season involved lots of snowflake making...even at work. Maybe next year I'll stick snowflakes in people's cards.Bonus pic...because Cat has been racing around the house, on a daily basis. Crazy eyes.