Sunday, January 31, 2010

Selling 1/2 of your House

Sadly, I attended a meeting last week, where the RI Foundation reported that the state of RI ranks among the lowest per capita (in the US) in philanthropy and volunteerism. Ugh.

A poignant story about giving 1/2 of your house, and how it can increase quality of life, from the New York Times last week: "What could you Live without" (here).

This month I've been negotiating new terms with the company managing my grad school loans. I can't help but consider to what extent these loans (and my current salary) will extend the time period that we are throwing our money away on rent. I'm also acutely aware that the next phase in our lives is conducive to us getting on that 'treadmill of accumulation' Kristof describes in his article.