Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Garden on the Deck: Flower-hating Squirrels

5/29/10.Back on Valentine's Day I bought a small potted flower for Chris. As the pre-garden planting took off, I transferred it into a funky metal can--an empty stuffed grape leaves can, originally purchased for Saida & Ben's wedding. I like the idea of using recycled or unusual containers in a container garden, though I really haven't worked that into the garden yet. The plant died as soon as I took it outside, but eventually came back just in time for the warmer weather. This flower (above) was the first to show itself.
And the very next day, I came outside to find the flower destroyed (above). Apparently squirrels eat flowers or will bite the flower right off the top of its stem and leave it behind just to make a point. The bane of my existence I tell ya. A half a canister of garlic powder later...(trails of smelly garlic powder all over the deck to ward off the squirrels), and after having moved the flowers to the other side of the deck...presto. We now have a fully flowering pot of whatever these flowers are called (below).