Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New CSA Share: Four Friends Farm

CSA Week One, 6/15/10.

We're trying a new CSA this year, Four Friends Farm, which we pick-up each Tuesday down in Cranston. We purchased a single share and a dozen eggs every other week. Already, I feel better from eating all of these greens. The red lettuce (Lollo Rossa?) and snap peas have led to interesting salads. Officially...we have summer.
Green Egg, 6/15/10.

Chris is psyched about the new multi-colored, organic eggs (a green egg, above) from free range chickens running around in Johnston, RI. According to the Boston Globe (those crazy chicken-egg experts), the varying colors are due to a difference in genetics among different types of chickens. Araucanas tend to lay green & blue eggs. These eggs are possibly from Araucanas, Black Australorps, Rhode Island Reds and Bantams.
CSA Week Two, 6/22/10.

New additions this week included patty pan squash (above) and Chinese broccoli (below). I need to read up on patty pan squash. If I can't roast it, not sure what to do yet...
Snap peas & Chinese broccoli.