Sunday, September 19, 2010

Garden on the Deck: August Harvest

A few loose photos of our August garden harvest. Basil, peppers, and our last lemon cuke:
The last lemon cuke. Roasted for our Lemon Cuke & Goat Cheese Pizza.
I've frozen two batches of pesto this year and there are two others in the fridge. (Omit the parmesean when freezing...I think this make it last longer).
Odd-looking long hot peppers. I've neglected finding a good use for hot peppers for two years now. Chris usually chops them up and puts them on sandwiches, but I can't take that kind of direct heat (especially at work). What I've been meaning to do is to track down a few good pepper-infused oil recipes and find one that works well. Maybe today.

The last of our lemon cukes (sliced, above). These sweet veggies were delicious. And I guess we ended up with 4 total from the vine. I just wish the plant had grown more!