Sunday, March 20, 2011

March 2011

Surprise croqui that popped up in the back yard, 3/19/11.

So much has happened this month. At the end of Feb. we closed on our first home-something I had no idea was even possible just a few months back. We spent the next two weeks moving books and boxes in our little Yaris, while movers brought over the furniture last Saturday. Our first house guests arrived this weekend -- Brian and Mike -- which gave us a break from unpacking.
Chris grilled on our first night.

I love the house; it already feels like home. The back yard is screaming for a giant garden, and I'm moving gravel, hauling leaves into our new compost pile, and sowing seeds, every chance I get.
First outline of the new garden, 3/13/11.

URI should be testing the soil in this new plot, sometime this week....