Thursday, March 31, 2011

Seeds Started

3/20/11 - My grow light mini-greenhouse in the basement is up and running.  Planted the first round of seeds -- all old, saved seeds from last year and two years back.  I wasn't sure if they'd be warm enough, since the basement is pretty cool.
  • White pumpkins (seeds from an hierloom pumpkin we bought in Westerly last year)
  • Gray pumpkins (same as above)
  • Spinach (saved seeds from plants gifted two years back - last year they didn't make it)
  • Basil (saved seeds from two years back)
  • Kale (seeds from Elizabeth)
3/24/11 - Amazingly...only four days later, seedlings are already appearing...kale came first and spinach soon after.   The pumpkin seeds may not have any life in them, but there's always a chance.