Sunday, May 22, 2011

The roof is caving in...

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It wasn't a major disaster.  We had torrential rain on and off for an afternoon last week, and the weight of the water on the tarp tore through the chicken wire ceiling of the run.  We've had lots of leaking into the coop itself, as well.  With a week of rain, the pine shavings that cover the floor of the coop were continually soaked in one corner of the coop. 

The leaks in the coop probably need a different solution, but for the immediate, we've changed the tarp and re-rigged how the two tarps overlap. Chris cleaned house in the coop.  This gave us the opportunity to lay down mite prevention dust to lay under the wood shavings.  Our chickens' previous owners passed it along to us, and I imagine it's like getting a flea & tick collar for an ourdoor cat.  I climbed in and e-stapled the wire to the side of the coop to close the hole, and we'll add reinforcements there soon.