Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Garden update: almost everything planted

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90% of the garden is finished, meaning all purchased seedlings are planted.  Only bush beans need to be seeded.  Above, in my first in-ground garden, I've got the following:
  • 5 Yellow squash plants (from seed)
  • 10 Sun flowers (from seed)
  • 3 white pumpkins (from seed)
  • 1 cilantro seedling & 2 small sungella tomato seedlings that I don't expect to make it (from seed)
  • 2 cornflower seedlings (from seed)
  • 3 zinnia flowers (from seed)
  • 9 corn plants (from seed)

  • a flowering grassy plant, overwintered from last year
  • 1 Best boy hybrid tomato plant (starter purchased at last weekend's plant sale)
  • 1 mortgage lifter tomato (plant sale)
  • 1 sungold sweet tomato (plant sale)
  • 1 mammoth sunflower (plant sale)
  • 1 verde pueblos tomatillos (plant sale)
  • 1 Matchbox hot pepper plant (plant sale)
  • 1 Early jalapeno hot pepper seedling (plant sale)
  • 5 genovese basil plants (plant sale)
  • 1 Tall Climbing nasturtium (plant sale)
  • 9 white onions (plant sale)
  • 1 oregano (plant sale)
Corn seedlings, 5/21/11.
Outside of the garden, the love goes on and on.  In the raised "drawer" garden (above): 4 kinds of lettuce, arugula, kale, spinach, and carrots.
 Thyme (from Elizabeth's community garden, gifted and planted in a hanging planter)

...as well as 2 sweet peas (from seed) and 6 climbing morning glories (from seed) in a hanging planter & a row box, an unknown squash plant in a blue bin (volunteer), and 3 more white pumpkin seedlings in a round planter on the deck.