Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Packaging on Crack

In case you're about to set a bunch of boring-looking presents under the tree, consider spicing up your packaging with unusual wrapping (newspaper or butcher paper) or more simply with cute gift tags.

I can't help you out with the wrapping paper, but in case you're running low on gift tags (or have a full color cartridge & want to save a few bucks), here are some free holiday gift tags you can download and print out. I picked them out just for you.
  1. Great Paper Crave tags (from last year).
  2. Sweet hand-drawn tags from Kitty Genius. Another set, as well.
  3. Maybe my favorite, elegant & simple gift tags from Paper Seed.
  4. Cute 4-seasons Gift Tags from Fog & Thistle.
  5. Delicate lovlies (gift tags) from Sew Mama Sew.
  6. Tags on the funky side from Martha Stewart.
  7. A list of free downloadable holiday gift tags.
  8. A free Christmas Card from Canon.
  9. Snowman Card & Gift tags from Mau.
  10. And a card that I love, from How About Orange, with a envelope tutorial included.
In case you have some a grudge against gift tags, you could paint the recipient's name onto the front of the package, as well. And instead of using tape, you might try sewing up the package (see below). Craft paper is probably half the cost of decorative wrapping paper & is recyclable (unlike lots of wrapping paper).For my family-secret Santa gift this year (to Christa) I used plain craft paper, sewed up the edges, painted her name on the front, and added holly in Martha Stewart beads (since they were out for the bird ornaments). The beaded detail (below) is much easier than it looks: paint a shape in glue, sprinkle on the beads, and let it dry before adding the next color. Enjoy.

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