Thursday, December 4, 2008

Paper Ornaments (Scalloped Balls)

Little paper ornaments, made using my scallop punch. Glue (instead of CM adhesive) would've made for a cleaner look, but I love that these are so quick. I put 7 of these these together on the car ride to nyc before it started getting dark (AT 3:30PM!!).
Tutorial: Punch lots of circles (or scalloped circles). Fold each in half (patterned side facing in). Glue or adhesive 1/2 of the circle to 1/2 of the next circle. Eventually glue the first side to the last, closing the ball. Punch mini holes & run thread through the holes to make a hanger. A button on top of the ornament is a nice finish. *For more Crafty Crafts, go here.

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