Thursday, March 26, 2009

Recipe Rursday: Rice & Bean Burritos

While I've already covered Chris' Sofrito Bean Burritos and all of their awesomeness in a previous post, I couldn't resist posting the batch that Chris' made for a Street Sights meeting last week. I think he made 17 burritos in total. This batch was a variation on the original recipe: he used store-bought recaito, since we're out of the home-made sofrito, and added rice (so the burritos would be more portable/less messy & people could take them home).Chris' Rice & Bean Burritos (instructions by Chris)
  • Rice (4 cups, for this recipe - 17+ burritos)
  • Seasoning: Goya Sazon (see Goya goodies),Goya Adobo, Cumin, & Red pepper flakes
  • Black beans (Goya brand, preferred) (6 cans, for this batch)
  • Homemade Sofrito or Goya brand Recaito
  • Avocado
  • Shredded cheese - we use the Mexican cheese mix
  • (big) Tortillas
  • Reynolds Wrap, for portability
Cooking the rice:
1. Clean/rinse the rice until the water goes from being opaque (from the starch) to clear (though it never gets completely clear). Also, while rinsing the rice, be sure to look through the rice with your hand for any small pebbles. Discard these, of course.
2. Put rice in a pot and cover the rice with water. You know you have the right amount of water in the pot if the water level just covers a large cooking spoon placed on the top of the rice.
3. Add Sazon to the rice & stir (a teaspoon & 2 packets of Sazon, for 4 cups of rice). Stir.
4. Bring the rice to a boil, uncovered, on on high heat. Once most of the water has been absorbed, cover the rice and drop the heat to low. You'll know when to do this by checking to make sure the rice no longer sits under water but instead has small pockets all over the surface of the rice that emit steam and little water bubbles.
5. After covering, cook the rice for about 10-15 minutes covered. Check at 10 minutes to see if the rice is done.

Cooking the beans:
1. Empty beans and Recaito into a large pot. (For every 2 cans of beans, use 1.5 T of Recaito).
2. Put about 2 T of cumin, 1 tsp. of Adobo, half a tsp. of red pepper flakes (or more, for heat). You may need to add more Adobo later, but this ingredient is very salty. So, be conservative with it at first.
3. Simmer the beans on low-medium/low heat for about 15 minutes or until the beans are cooked.

Assemblage: Tortilla + cheese + rice + beans + avocado. Mmmm.