Sunday, May 16, 2010

Garden on the Deck: SCLT Plant Sale

SCLT Plant Sale purchases, 5/15/10

New Veggies:
3 Pepper Plants (Basilla Bajio Hot Pepper, Bulgarian Carrot Hot Pepper, and an Early Jalapeno)
1 Lemon Cucumber plant (I planted seeds for 3 more plants)
1 Eggplant plant (out of which Cat promptly took a bite)
4 Early Wonder Beets (in case my seedlings don't make it)
2 Sweet Basil (in case my seedlings don't make it)
2 Bunches of Chives
1 Alpine Strawberry plant (mini!)
4 Salad Mix plantsFlowers:
Chris picked up...(1) a Chinese Pink Diana, (2) an Only the Lonely Nicotiana.
and I grabbed (3) a Mina Lobata vine (Firecracker vine/Spanish Flag) (seen here), and (4) a Mammoth Sunflower (but I still need a mammoth pot).
Squash, peppers, salad, beets, eggplant, and the lobata vine--newly planted, 5/15/10.