Saturday, May 1, 2010

Garden on the Deck: Spinach & I hate Squirrels

The spinach seeds that I started indoors, under my super-cool grow lights, died. I think one single seedling has survived whatever destroyed them. These were seeds I had saved from last year's crop, and I really wanted to get them growing...
Spinach seedlings (4/23 outdoor start), 5/1/2010.

I planted a new batch of spinach seeds outside (from leftover seeds on April 23rd), just to give it one more go. A handful are just popping up. This is after the critter attack last week, when squirrels destroyed 2 brussel sprout plants and tossed the spinach soil all over the deck.
Spinach planter, 5/1/2010.

I will not be taken down by squirrels, damn it. Online "research" today has given me a few defensive options to consider: (1) sprinkling cayenne pepper, chili or garlic powder, or black pepper, all over the garden; (2) buying fox urine from an organic gardening store to spray on the plants; (3) spreading used kitty litter around the garden; (4) lining the top of all the planters with nylon netting; or (5) catching the squirrels in cage traps and relocating them. I'll try anything. First approach: Cayenne Powder to protect the spinach seedlings (below).
Cayenne pepper barrier, 5/1/10.