Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Garden on the Deck: Unusual Containers (round 2)

This year I volunteered to grow flowers for the Flower Tower--a community art project that was part of a local art/party festival. A friend and co-worker was overseeing the growing, someone sewed bags (made from recycled billboard material - if I remember correctly), and a bunch of us grew flowers for them. At the event, attendees planted individual flowers in the bags, and when it was all over, the flowers were mostly broken down and given to schools and retirement communities. (To see the flower tower up: here)
I grew wildflowers and nasturtium and transplanted them into the bags just before the event. (Note: The bags have holes punched into the bottom for drainage).While in my care, I noticed the bags hung well on my deck (with bungie chords)--so well, that I asked to buy an empty bag when the event was over.
>Instead, my friend gave me a bag full of flowers (below). The bag takes up no floor space on my small deck garden (and so, is a great use of space), and the flowers seem to love it. This is definitely one of cooler containers in the garden - and will be a permanent fixture for sure.