Friday, June 17, 2011

Bush Beans

Yellow Bush Beans, 6/14/11.
I borrowed the camera from work tonight to test it out (see above).  I'm in the market for a new camera and have only had my camera phone, for…way too long (see photos below).

This is my first year trying to grow beans.  I ordered Yellow Beans from Johnny's Seed catalog way back when.  These are of the bush bean variety (as opposed to climbers) and only grow 2 feet tall or so.  The beans are yellow and long, and we'll see what they're like.  Who knows.  I planted a crap load of them, in little patches--one on the left side of the garden and one on the far right, in front of the sunflowers.  
I seeded them directly into the ground on 5/28 and only 4 days later they busted through the ground.  I love these fast-to-germinate seeds.  There's something encouraging about seeing results so quickly.  Plus, these beans can be planted in batches every few weeks throughout the summer, to get a steady crop.  I should probably start another batch in any empty areas.