Saturday, June 11, 2011

Playing Dead

5/20/11 -  Doesn't it look like she's playing dead?  Here, Spicy is laying on her side, of all things.  The first time I saw her do this was in the run and it seemed to be part of her dust bath.  I had read about chickens flopping around in the dirt, taking dust baths, to clean off their feathers in places where they can't reach.  

For a brief time when I was a kid, I had two chinchillas.  They took dust baths in a silver/gray powder.  They too flopped around like little tazmanian devils. So the first time Spicy laid down on her side, I rightly guessed this was a version of or part of the dust bath.  In the rocks she doesn't flip around like she does when taking dust baths in the run, but I have to imagine she was sunning herself.  Too cute.  Within seconds she had popped back up on her feet and flitted off.