Monday, June 13, 2011

More Surprise Flowers: Pink Dianthus Chinenthis

Dianthus Chinenthis, 6/11/11

These are Pink Chinese Dianthus (pics).  I bought one small grassy plant plant last year at the Southside Community Land Trust plant sale.  It grew quite a bit and i read that you can split them, so I did.  And then the summer ended, the plants, which was only grass-like leaves, turned brown & purplish.  I assumed they had died.  Then the snow came.  

When it melted, the plants were still there.  We moved this box with us to the new house, have kept it watered, and I dug one out and planted it in the ground in the new garden.

Then come the flowers…
...and more flowers…and more flowers.  I love this plant.  Since it's a perennial, we've got it forever (or until I kill it).  I'll keep splitting the plants, and maybe slowly line the borders of the yard with them.