Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Christmas Tree Centerpiece

First Christmas craft for 2008. yeaaa! Calm down, you say? It's not even Thanksgiving? Please. Thou shant deprive me of these little pleasures. And without further ado, I bring you a seasonal centerpiece, from a project outline on SIS. Step by steps follow:
1. Cut two xmas trees out of foam board (be sure that they're symmetrical). Cut one of the trees in half vertically (exacto knife, all the way). Now you have three separate pieces.2. Paper both sides of the three pieces. I used paper by Basic Grey, a Hambly overlay of chandeliers (over l. blue cardstock), and fabric paper (the polka dots).
3. Glue the two half-trees to either side of the full tree. Be sure that they're centered and perpendicular to the full tree. I used pins to secure the half-trees at both the top and bottom (until dry).
4. Glittification: Then run glue along the outer, exposed edges and cover with glitter. I used a silvery blue glitter, and yes, if you're anything like me, it will end up everywhere.
5. Add a foam snowflake for a topper (or whatever you have).C'est fini. The tree stands about 11" tall. I tried decorating it with garland (ribbon) and mini-ornaments, but it looked tacky. So, I left it as is.

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