Tuesday, June 16, 2009

CSA: Week One

This year, Chris and I joined Scratch Farm's CSA (Community Supported Agricultural program) and have purchased a 1/2 share of their weekly crop, for 20 weeks. Each Monday we pick up our 1/2 share -- a load of fresh veggies and herbs (whatever has been harvested that week).

Our first pick-up included Pac Choi, Garlic Scapes, Radishes, and Parsley (above)....and lots of greens: a bag of Spinach, Kale, Arugula, and a salad mix.
Tomorrow I'll freeze the kale (directions on the how-to are at Not Martha), and finish pulling together the recipes for the rest. We broke into the salad mix immediately (as per many people's instructions). Even Chris, who wouldn't eat salad when I met him, remarked at how good the greens were. Mmmm. Salad: Mixed Salad greens with avocado, and toasted almond slivers. Dressing: Balsamic + spicy mustard + olive oil.
Update: With this week's CSA, we made a bok choy/pac choi & mushroom sautee, and pestos!! 1) a garlic scapes and spinach pesto & 2) a big batch of arugula pesto. We froze both the garlic scape pesto and 1/2 of the arugula pesto. Recipes to come.