Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Garden on the Deck: First Harvest (Spinach)

Chris laughs when I talk about 'harvesting' vegetables from our 10' x 10' farm (i.e., the garden on our deck). The day I picked spinach from the exploding spinach plants, I felt like a proud mama. Except I was planning to eat these babies....
The inside leaves (which I left behind) are pretty crinkly & I'm not sure we're going to get a second crop out of these. But, to be fair, what do I know?!
In the end, I filled two gallon-size zip locks with freshly picked and washed spinach. Chris and I used the spinach in a salad and on garden burgers this week and the 2nd bag went to Elizabeth (b/c she's responsible for my garden-craze). It's not as sweet as baby spinach, but fairly good. More importantly, I love eating food we've grown. The spinach starters were gifted to me -- what a gift!