Wednesday, March 10, 2010

FL: Giganto Shrimp

Ft. Myers FL, 2/28/10(mom's photo above). Early in our Florida visit, we headed down to the docks in Fort Myers to a somewhat hidden place where shrimp are sold right off the boat. The shrimp we purchased were brought in the previous day and were scrumptiously tasty when we ate them later that night.
Mom on the pier (Ft. Myers 2/28/10).
This particular pier was hidden behind a restaurant and fairly hard to find. My aunt Liz gets credit for finding this place -- she received the recommendation from a guy sitting next to her, on her last plane trip home. He was practically a local and could recommend the best place to buy shrimp. The shrimp boat was docked at the very end of the pier and Dad bought a few pounds right from the Captain. I love the idea of eating fresh, locally produced/caught food.
The Captian, packaging up our shrimp. 2/28/10.