Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Signs of Spring: Pots and a new Grill

3/20/10 in the pm.
Hibernation over. We hit the 70s last week, and I tore the tarp off of my pots. Of course we're back into the 50s again this week, so I may have jumped the gun. Regardless, it was great to start process of turning last year's beds and working in fresh soil.
3/20/10, in the am.
Look how cute all those pots are after being uncovered...just waiting to be filled with growing goodness.

We also uncovered the need for a new grill. Thank you tax return check! The gifted grill we used last year had its run, and this thing will pay for itself very soon. Plus everything smells good over charcoal. Mmmm. Grilling.
Corn Tortillas on the grill, 3/21/10.