Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Garden on the Deck: Upgrading to Grow Lights

Grow Light Shelves, 3/28/10.

Grow lights! This is impressive, is it not? I would love to take complete credit for the idea of rigging these grow lights, but the truth is, I did see a similar rigging/Ikea-hack at Digginfood (don't ask me how I found it). Our Ikea shelves (above), which have always held dishes, were incredibly easy to covert. Assemblage Time: less than 1 hour. Time at Lowe's: About an hour. I'm very easily distracted.After picking up the grow lights (light fixture dept. at Lowe's, $10-12/each), I grabbed a package of screw-in hooks (above) for the underside of the shelves ($1), 4 x 1-foot long chains ($2), and additional hooks that I used to attach the lamps to the chains. The rigging below is rather precarious because the hooks can slip out of the lamp, but they work fine for the time being.
And the results are...more and more seedlings pop up every day. Perfect timing...since I haven't seen the sun in a while and Rhode Island is drowning in floods right now. Apparently little old Cranston even made it onto the Today Show!
Spinach seedlings 3/30/10.

First sign of lettuce, 3/30/10.