Sunday, March 7, 2010

FL: Uncle Rick & Liz

We've been heading to FL to visit with my parents every year for the past 5 years or so, by now. It's incredible to think we've been doing this for so long; and yet, when we get down there, we feel incredibly at-home at their place. Despite cooler weather and my getting a stomach virus (I'll spare you the details), this visit was wonderfully rejuvenating.
Uncle Rick on Sanibel Island, 2/28/10

My Uncle Rick and Liz were there a few days before we arrived, so we planned for our trips to overlap. It was great to visit with them both. Liz is a delight and I love being around my uncle Rick's constant (and contagious) laughter. He looks serious in this pictures below, but the first photo captures his personality perfectly.
(my mom's photo - with the date stamp...and the wrong date).
The beaches were loaded with shells this past week and everyone collected unusual ones. I thought it was funny that everyone had their butts up in the air.
Shells on Sanibel, 2/28/10.