Friday, January 23, 2009

Boxes and Boxes and Boxes

Packing sucks, right? Is it weird that I love it? Moving, it seems, is just another opportunity to say 'we don't need this, do we?' and the shedding continues. 'Where does this go?' and then it either goes in one room of boxes or the other, or it goes in the giveaway pile. Another box taped up and we're one step closer to being packed up. It feels productive! Not the kind of productivity of work, but productivity nonetheless. Zen Habits would be proud.We're moving! the end of this month. And we're both very excited about it. At the end of last month, Chris went lets-get-this-done-now on me, looked up places on CraigsList, made one appointment, and within 48 hours he and I were signing a new lease.

So far, this move has been our least stressful move ever! Maybe its because Chris and I have moved close to 15 times, our totals combined (college & grad schools hike up the numbers), and for this one, we know exactly what we're getting -- a place where we're excited to have our friends coming by again, a place with no need for hanging blankets between rooms or over windows, and a place where we both can work from home. For Willow, a fireplace to curl up in front of and for our pocketbooks, a bit of relief. It's not perfect, by a long shot, but it's perfect for us. More on the new place, post-move...

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