Monday, January 19, 2009

What a Week

I'm dealing with a wonderfully full plate right now and my attitude is "Bring it On!" This is what I'm up to:
  • Helping my lovely friend Anne with her wedding Save the Dates & invitations - and we have submitted the design & details (to Sarah, who, if all goes well, will be printing them).
  • Packing boxes, boxes, and more boxes. We are swimming in boxes at home. Did I mention WE'RE MOVING!?! We're out on the 31st. Yipee! More on the move soon...
  • Writing a grant application for the non-profit group, Street Sights (sponsored by the Rhode Island Coalition for the Homeless). Friday deadline...get to work! (Buy a Street Sights calendar, $10!)
  • Tromping through lots of snow (after walking home from a meeting last night). We're in the middle of our 3rd big snow storm this winter (9-12 inches right now). It is truly stunning outside and not too frustrating, now that roads are clear.
  • Working at St. John's every Tuesday night (I've committed!). Last week we served 190 people a complete and healthy dinner. This week I expect we'll serve an even larger crowd. In most major cities there are meal sites for every day of the week. MLK day has more recently become a national day of service, which seems appropriate, given step three of King's plan (economic justice). And, this year, organizations expect record breaking numbers of volunteers. To that end, here's a service site that guides people to local service event: USA Service.

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