Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Florida Pics

We're back from Queens and busy busy. Florida pics are below. Be forewarned, it's a photo-heavy post. I need to edit a few of them, but that's on the to-do list.
My adorable father (1.2.09)Dad in the pool (1.2.09)Mom on the porch (1.2.09)Neighborhood yard sale - *everyone* out on their bikes! (1.3.09)Dad's find at the neighborhood yard sale (1.3.09)Fort Myers Beach (1.3.09).
We never go to this beach because it's packed with people.
But each time we try something new.Ice pop guy on the beach (1.3.09)
Mom & I on Fort Myers Beach (1.3. 09)
Crab legs at Pinchers (1.3.09)
Crab legs at Pinchers (1.3.09)Florida sunset - back at the house (1.3.09)

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