Friday, May 29, 2009

Garden on the Deck: Casualties & Survivals

We've slowly introduced Cat to the concept of the back deck so that she can hang out with us when we're sitting outside. Of course, she's a cat, so she's curious about everything. Luckily, she never showed interest in the garden.

Last week, however, without anyone seeing her, Cat ate the leeks. She ripped the three I had planted up from out of their pot and ate their long green tops. We weren't even sure she was the culprit, until the following day, when I found her up on the table snacking on the remaining ones that I planned to take into work. Cat!So the leeks are dead. I'm thinking that it's their similarity to grass that attracted her. And I'm not planting anymore. They had their chance. The remaining leeks (post Cat's snack) have gone to a co-worker who may have better luck planting them in a row.
The final addition to the garden was Chris' eggplant seedlings, which are the only seeds that have survived being started inside. Thye seem to have survived being transplanted into pots, as well (5/21/09). This means (hold your breath....) garden assemblage - COMPLETE! No more planting. As my father and Spock would say, Amy, out.