Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Garden on the Deck: Squirrels

Yesterday Chris & I received a tour of the greenhouse at the Southside Community Land Trust from a fellow staff member at Street Sights. The organization is getting ready for their big plant sale and the greenhouse is overflowing with thousands of veggie plants and flowers, all started from seed. Very cool tour...makes me want to learn more about gardening.
Update on the Garden: Squirrels have been harassing, though not destroying my spinach plants. They only dig next to the plants, never eating anything. I clearly need to find a deterrent. Car Talk mentioned peppermint oil spray to deter squirrels.

Update: I read somewhere that placing cat hair around the plant (or was it the pot?) can deter squirrels, but there's no absolute solution unless you're willing to use wire mesh to cover the soil. We have plenty of hair/fuzz balls floating around the house, so I'm giving that a try -- 4 days in, no squirrels have returned.

Update (5/29/09): Still no squirrels and I've replaced the cat hair fuzzballs once on a really warm day...seems to be working.