Sunday, May 10, 2009

Garden on the Deck: Overview

"When you said you wanted to start a garden, I never thought we'd end up with all of this" -- Chris, this afternoon, as I complained about not having enough space to plant 25 leeks.

From Seed...Sweet Peas - by far the easiest veggie to grow from seed. I started these outdoors and in the container, instead of inside and in egg crates. They were up in less than a week.From Seed: Eggplant - Sadly, these eggplant won't produce until the fall (if they survive). I should've read the seed pack before giving them to Chris to plant. And since I drown the cauliflower seedlings and none of my other seeds came up (my fault), we have our fingers crossed for these little sprouts.Spinach (gifted from Scratch Farm, through a friend). Eight delicious, hearty bunches.
Jalapeno Peppers and Habanero chili peppers - New, from Casey farm in S. RI. Four of each kind. Chris is in charge of these.
Basil up the Wazoo - one pot of sweet basil and one pot of varied (lemon basil, lime basil, red basil, & thai basil). Also from Casey Farm.
Red Onions & Leeks - I've only planted a handful of each, in what most likely way too little soil. From Casey Farm. A semi-stupid purchase on my part, given that I didnt' realize that they should be planted in long rows, individually.
Tomatoes are on their way into the ground tonight & we're putting in an order for Cilantro, Lemon Cucumber, and something else (?) at the Southside Plant Sale this weekend.