Friday, May 22, 2009

NYC & Providence Vacay

Chris & his "pops" in the Jackie Robinson Rotunda, 5/13/09.

These last two weeks have been for Chris and I exactly what a vacay should be - no stress, no worries, nothing but enjoying time with friends and family. I had such a great time...and we were able to surprise Danielle on her b-day and catch up with Brian, all while in town. Must share, more pics from the last two weeks:
Outside of Citi Field, Chris with his parents.
The Jackie Robinson Rotunda in Citi Field.
Outside of CitiField.

We spent this last week catching up with Anne & Ashley here in Providence. One afternoon we headed down to Newport to meet up with Craig & Rosie for one of the most-fun & funnest 7 or so hours, bbqing and playing corn-hole. Did you know that CornHole has an official set of rules? I'll let the pictures of the latter speak for themselves.
Corn-holing in Newport, 5/19/09.
<Corn off the grill. Sooooo good. Note: No corn is harmed in the game of Corn Hole.
A breakfast goodbye at Julian's. See you at the wedding!!