Sunday, April 19, 2009

Garden on the Deck: Setting Up

Random houseplants capable of resurrection? That's about as green as my thumb has ever been. This spring, however, a few people at Street Sights have inspired me to start a garden on the deck. I've never had much interest in flowers, so (with the exception of a small pot of peonies gifted at PC's farmer's market), I'm only growing vegetables.
This weekend, I planted a set of 8 spinach plants, gifted to me through a friend. They received their start locally at Scratch Farm in Cranston (part of the Southside Community Landtrust). I've also planted cauliflower seeds and a few mysterious seeds labeled "balloon" (from a co-worker) in an egg carton. And the peony received a pot. Most of my pots & seeds came from my friend Elizabeth, who is moving from pots to a community garden.
Still to come...planting sweet pea seeds that need to soak over night, Italian hot pepper seeds that need maintenance & indoor warmth, and a bunch of plant starts that I'll pick up from the Southside Community Landtrust plant sale (maybe eggplant, tomatoes, and a few basil plants).