Thursday, July 2, 2009

Garden on the Deck: Peas! & dying Habaneros

An overview of garden. Or, shall we say, diagram? (Click on it to enlarge) But, for an update....there are peas! Peas have shown up in full force (there are 10-15 pods with others on their way). And sadly we shall soon see the death of the habaneros. Aphids have taken over and are eating up the dying Habanero leaves. With the unrelenting rain, I'm guessing they're dying because the soil hasn't had a chance to dry out in months. The jalapenos are holding on. I might need to rig a cover for them to sit under. And mulch. Gotta find/make some mulch. I hear newpaper works.
Pea pods. So cute. 6/27/09.Sad Habanero who turned yellow and lost all its leaves.
Taken 6/27/09.