Thursday, February 4, 2010

Recipe Rursday: Curry Something & False Starts

Never got around to posting these properly. Crappy photos and missing recipes...

Curry Something 1/28/10.

We still haven't made our own full-blown curry from scratch. Our friend Saida's curry is so good, I can barely feign interest in trying to make our own. This was pretty good though...white fish and yellow curry with vegetables.
French Onion Soup, 1/1/2010.

Sooooo good, especially on a cold or snowy day. Note: Can take much of the day to cook. I'm working on making ours a touch less sweet. Recipe here.

Fish (I forget the kind) whole with Puerto Rican-style
Rice & Beans with Pumpkin, 12/22/09.

Our friends Ben & Saida brought over the locally caught RI fish (that she and her father caught), which was sooooo good. And despite my apprehension, with a little instruction on how to take the fish apart and eat it, this was a true cut above the fish we bring home from the store. Get the recipe? Yes, I know.
Cheese Ravioli in Pumpkin Sage Sauce, 11/30/09.

This was good, nothing to scream about. Ingredients: dry white wine, chopped shallots, cream cheese, 1/3 C milk, sage (fresh or ground, but less if ground), cheese ravioli, chopped green onion.