Sunday, February 14, 2010

(gaudy) Love Lasts Forever Bowl

So my wise-ass friends gave me a heart-shaped, clear crystal bowl last time they came to visit....It was a free gift from Crate & Barrel they received for registering there, for their wedding. So when they came to visit after their wedding, they brought a "house-warming gift" that they thought I'd appreciate. And yes, the horrified look on my face rewarded their little prank. So..... a thank you for their little "present," I thought I'd "re-do" the heart-shaped glass bowl and send it back to them. I mean...why should they get to give away this lovely glassware? So, I shellacked (with Mod Podge) swatches of paper all over...blinged up the edges with glitter and flowers, planted their cute little faces on the bottom, and sent it off parcel post. If they're game, I hope they'll do a redesign and send it back a year from now. The thing weighs a ton. Enjoy my dear friends!