Saturday, February 7, 2009

Moving Update

Mom requested an update, so here's an overview of the move: The big move went well. A few years back, while living in the Bronx, Chris & I had bought inexpensive, but high-quality (and very heavy) wooden dressers at a furniture thrift store. We also inherited an old heavy tv & a big cushy couch (thank you Ian & Tim!). We've moved them all ourselves, but, as we are no longer twenty-somethings, we hired professionals.

But as you might know, movers can be pricey, especially when charging by the hour. So, we made an effort to cut back on hours of the big move, by hauling boxes over in Baby Yaris the day prior. Sure enough, Chris bulldozed 1/2 the house and definitely saved us a few hundred dollars. On moving day, the movers themselves were great, hustling those heavy wooden dressers right up to the top floor of the new place. Mind you, two of them were twenty-somethings.

We've only been here for 7 days, but it feels like we've been settled in for a while. I unpacked like a crazy person this past week and just about every room has been set up, with the exception of the office (craft-room?)--a room we didn't have before. The walls are still bare, but that will change soon. Somehow, it has felt like home since day 1. The biggest perk so far has been being warm & not having to turn on the heat during the day. Moreover, our first out-of-town guest is in for the weekend and we even lit a fire in the fireplace (which felt ridiculously luxurious). Cat loves this new perk. Amy does too.
Cat's new favorite spot, taken 2/6/09.