Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Three of Us In a Boat

Brian came to visit this past weekend. I love it when he visits. He and Chris have been friends for so long, he feels more like family than anything else. The first time Brian visited us in Providence, he bullied us into trying sashimi for the first time. In honor of this great feat (and our subsequent addiction), we took him out for sushi. I requested that the server bring it in a boat -- because, if you have the option to eat out of a boat, why would you choose otherwise? I mean, really.This picture of Brian paddling home reminds me of the song, "Three of Us in a Boat," by Jackopierce. I may be only one of two or three people who remember this song, but I always loved the silliness of it: There's three of us in a boat/And it don't look like this boat's gonna float/There's three of us in a boat/and it won't float.