Friday, July 30, 2010

Berry Picking

A few weeks back, we went berry picking down at Sweet Berry Farm in Middletown RI. We started in the raspberry patch, and ended among the blueberry bushes. Something like Narnia, but very hot. A hot Narnia. Sweet Berry has a gorgeous view, and great ice cream, but errs on the pricey side, so we probably wouldn't repeat the trip. Last year, E & I went to the much less commercial, cheaper, and still charming Harmony Farms (blog post here). With sweet berries stacked in the freezer, I'm set. Time to re-do my favorite fruity chocolate treats (here).
Raspberries at Sweet Berry Farm, 7/11/10.
C. hunting for raspberries.
Blueberry bushes.
Jess & Eliz
Haven't been able to figure out what these flowers are...
Almost like colored Queen Anne's Lace flowers.