Friday, July 2, 2010

Garden on the Deck: Edibles

Lemon Cukes, 6/26/10.
I'm so excited about these cukes. We made our best homemade pizza (link: here) last season with the lemon cukes in our CSA and our own little plant is covered in fruits. Cool. These are not quite ripe yet...I'm thinking they'll be more yellow and a little bigger when they're ready for pickin'.
First Basil Harvest for Almond-basil pesto, 6/26/10.
While Chris' parents were here, this past weekend, I harvested the basil and whipped up a almond-basil pesto to eat with Chris' homemade pita chips. Talk about fresh...
First sign of peppers...a not-yet-orange, orange carrot hot pepper, 6/26/10.

Last year we had trouble eating the habaneros from the garden because they were too hot, so we're trying a different set of hot peppers.