Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dad on Coldplay

The following is a voice mail I received from my father back in February. I kept saving it because it makes me laugh every time I hear it. My mother's comments in the background ("they're adorable") and my dad's signing off with "Dad, Out" adds to the hilarity that is my father.

Push the play button to hear an audio recording of my dad's voicemail about Coldplay, or in his words, "Cold - Play."

"Hi Amy, Dad. Hey have you ever heard of the group called Cold - Play? We're watching 60 minutes and there's this special on them, along with the pilot that went into the Hudson river. Mom: great interview. Dad: Yeah, that was a great one.

....But, Cold - Play, I did recognize maybe one song they did, but they're like the hottest band right now, in the world, because their album sold more copies than anybody else.

So, we just wanted to see what it is ...that you and Chris like about the group Cold - Play.
I'm making a big assumption here that you've actually heard of them and you know their songs and there's something making them unique or maybe different from other bands.
I'm not sure what it is.

They seem to be cute in their interviews. They're British...
Mom: you talking to her?
Dad: No, this is a recording.
Mom: oh!

They're cute in their interviews and they're British. And um...
they're adorable!
Give me your take. ...Okay, bye.
...Dad out."