Sunday, April 26, 2009

That damn recipe book

Finally, that damn recipe book is finished. Some time back in Inwood (nyc), we started cooking and I started saving the recipes we used. This? The ultimate collection.
  • The book is a 3-ring binder filled with page-protectors and includes dishes we've prepared (from recipe).
  • Each has a date, some have the 'guest-in-town' mentioned, and most include notes or suggestions for next time.
  • A few months ago I took apart the book from its chronological order, and re-grouped the recipes by main ingredients or order in a meal (e.g., appetizers, soups).
For the groupings of recipes, I had to turn to friends in Omaha for advice. Much debate was had. In the end, wontons went with pasta dishes, 'vegetables' received their own section, I resisted ethic food groupings, and all dishes involving beans were absorbed by the other categories. That last decision was for Ashley, who freaked out over the identity of beans. Did you know that beans are botanically considered a fruit but culinar-ily viewed as a legume? He lost sleep over this conundrum.