Monday, August 10, 2009

Beaver Tail Coves

Our friend Elizabeth took us down to Beaver Tail state park on Jamestown Island this past Saturday. As long as you're willing to climb, within the rocks, you can find amazing, isolated coves and beaches, tucked along the the south-most coastline. We lucked out with amazing weather and only stumbled onto one nude beach.In general, I'm not a fan of beaches. This is due to the fact that I'm not that interested in sun tanning or skin cancer or getting wrinkles before they appear naturally. I'm also not a fan of big groups of people and screaming kids. Since beaches often include a combination of the above, I'd usually rather be somewhere else. But, when beaches are not full of trucked-in sand and are somewhat remote, then, the locale can be an enjoyable place to relax. The next two pictures below are of the beach where we camped out and went swimming.I left this beach wanting to go back. Soon. The beach had everything I could possibly want--most importantly, peace, quiet, clear water, and a gorgeous coastline. Before heading home, and near the end of the day, we found a beach in a 2nd, nearby state park. No climbing required, and a perfect place to take our parents, the next time they come visit.